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Celebrate author Ella Joy Olsen’s debut: ROOT, PETAL, THORN

We’re welcoming Tall Poppy author Ella Joy Olsen to the blog today! Her debut, ROOT, PETAL, THORN hits shelves August 30th, and here’s what RT Book Reviews had to say about it:

“In this beautifully written and powerful debut novel, Ella Joy Olsen traces the stories of five fascinating women who inhabit the same historic home over the course of a century — braided stories of love, heartbreak, and courage connect the women, even across generations.” 4.5 Stars – Top Pick – RT Book Reviews

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Celebrate the New Book From Kelly Harms: THE MATCHMAKERS OF MINNOW BAY

I’m insanely excited about Kelly Harms’s new book, THE MATCHMAKERS OF MINNOW BAY. I had the pleasure of reading an early copy of it, and I loved every moment. The story is charming, funny, and has some delightful swoony moments. You won’t want to miss it!

matchmakers-harms coverHer new book, THE MATCHMAKERS OF MINNOW BAY, has been called “fresh and devastatingly funny,” “delightful,” and “a glorious read,” by an assortment of New York Times bestselling authors and well-bribed reviewers. It’s the story of a woman who has been married for ten long years without realizing it, and the magic that happens when she finally starts paying attention.

See what I mean? It’s amazing! Kelly stopped by to share her thoughts on favorite places, working in publishing, and a sneak peak of a scene from the book! read more…

Indie Guest Friday: Welcome Kelley Kaye!

kg-19Anyone who follows me; anyone who knows me at all, as a matter of fact, knows I love to write. I’m always looking for new ideas as far as dialogue and character description, and so one of my favorite writing tools is the time-honored tradition of eavesdropping, perfected by mothers and teachers since the dawn of time. read more…

NYT Bestselling author Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney & THE NEST

We’re thrilled to have New York Times bestselling author Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney visit the Tall Poppy blog today! THE NEST, her debut, was an instant NYT bestseller and one Elizabeth Gilbert called, “A masterfully constructed, darkly comic, and immensely captivating tale…” about four adult siblings and a shared inheritance.  

So in case you haven’t yet read or added THE NEST to your TBR pile (what are you waiting for?), here’s more about this bestselling novel…

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Meet Indie Author Guest Kimberly Giarratano!

Hello, dear readers! We’re thrilled to welcome this week’s award-winning indie author guest Kimberly Giarratano and her latest book, DEAD AND BREAKFAST (A Cayo Hueso Mystery, Book 1). Here’s a bit more about DEAD AND BREAKFAST…

finaldeadcoverDespite living in Key West his whole life, 18-year-old Liam Breyer is a skeptic of the supernatural until a vengeful spirit, murdered fifty years ago, nearly drowns him in a swimming pool. Luckily help arrives in the form of pretty — albeit homesick — ghost whisperer Autumn Abernathy, whose newly-divorced mom has dragged her to the island to live and work at the Cayo Hueso, a haunted bed and breakfast. Although they initially mistrust each other, Autumn and Liam team up to solve the decades-old mystery. But on an island where every third resident is a ghost, dealing with an unstable spirit has deadly consequences. If Liam and Autumn don’t unmask the killer soon, they’re likely to become Key West’s latest haunted attraction.

Oooh, a haunted bed and breakfast! Sign us up!

In today’s post, Kimberly shares her thoughts on the importance of time and place and why she’s setting her latest book in the ’90s, even if some say she shouldn’t… read more…

Let’s Celebrate Karma Brown’s THE CHOICES WE MAKE

I don’t even have words for Karma Brown’s amazing new book, THE CHOICES WE MAKE. This gorgeous story of how complicated friendship and family can become will make you think and cry in all the best possible ways. I had the privilege of reading this early and I’m so excited the rest of you can now experience Karma’s talented storytelling! read more…

What’s In My Beach Bag by Kate Moretti

My little girls are growing up. They’re eight and six now and to me, this means that going to the beach no longer comprises massive amounts of diapers and bottles and tents and baby powder (sandy hands!) and coolers filled with snacks and formula and extra bathing suits. It means a few buckets, a shovel, a handful of juice boxes. And, of course, A BAG FILLED WITH BOOKS. Oh, I can’t tell you how I’ve missed this. Feet in the surf, butt in chair, kids playing a few feet away building sand castles. And a real, tangible book in my hand.

For me, beach read means something weighty. I might be an anomaly. But those frolicking girls on the beach books? I can’t actually read them on the beach. I need the books with bite, whether it’s a thriller, an in-depth character study or a twisty plot. I need the visceral reaction: the books that grab you and never let go. read more…

Meet Katrina Monroe, Our Indie Friday Guest

Hello, dear readers–we have something special to celebrate Independence Day weekend — we have our first Indie author guest, Katrina Monroe. Here’s a bit about her most recent novel, A TALE DU MORT (and we just love the cover).  read more…

5 Ways To Make My Summer Reads List

Inevitably, when the beachy June seascapes appear on my desk calendar, the temperatures begin to rise, and the air becomes perfumed with honeysuckle chased by a tinny whiff of sunscreen, I reach for my e-reader or the nearest paperback as surely as I trade in my wool cap and boots for my beloved Dansko sandals and straw hat. (As much as I love the sun my pasty white alabaster complexion requires moderation.)

Here is my dirty secret: From June to August, I seldom reach for the books I “should” be reading. read more…

There Are No Others: A More Excellent State of Being

Hello, dear readers! Today we have something special. Ann Garvin, founder of the Tall Poppies, shares something that is near and dear to her heart.

Something happened that turned me from someone who cares about others to someone who cares for others; from someone who lent a hand when asked to seeking out situations to offer a hand. Something so common, something millions had done before me, something that I should not get any congratulations for.

I had a child (and then another). read more…

Welcome to the Tall Poppies!

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