Today, Tall Poppy Diane Haeger is treating us to a behind the curtain tour of her writing space. Don’t forget to wipe your feet before we enter.  🙂  — Orly Konig

I’ve written 13 of my 16 novels in this cozy little space that I’ve called my ‘cave’ for 20 years. My office is chock full of research books, signed copies of novels from authors I adore, and other mementos from a long career.

The first thing that greets people who find their way into the room tucked back in a corner of our home is my “Mom Cave”, sign which was a gift from my daughter. The CREATE letters behind my desk remind me every morning what I’m in there to at least try to do, and if they aren’t enough, my little muse Stevie keeps me company in that spot pretty much all day.

The dictionary stand was crafted by my dear hubby to hold my ages old behemoth copy of the Random House Dictionary of the English Language.

I do use now and then, but for me there’s still no substitute for the details and etymologies in that big gem.

On one wall I have a framed copy of a Coast Magazine interview with myself and fellow author Suzanne Redfearn. Beneath it, is the original title page of my first novel that I snail-mailed to my very first editor at Simon & Schuster back in the day. And that day was way back! That manuscript was typed not on a keyboard but on an IBM Selectric. I still miss the feel and sound those keys made, nothing like computer keyboards.

Last, but not least, these are a few of my translated titles foreign publishers have sent me. I just love seeing all the different ways other countries interpret my book covers. The one thing I didn’t show you is my wall of clutter: a note board with scenes, characters and chapters. I always hide the junky side of things from the company!

Here’s what Diane had to say about writing her first book.

About Diane
Diane Haeger is the author of 16 novels primarily written about misunderstood characters from history, which is her true passion. She regularly finds truth stranger, and sometimes more interesting than fiction. Her last two historical novels were written under the pen name Anne Girard, she says just to keep things interesting.

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