I am a rolling stone, in more ways than one. As a military family we have moved nine times and have inhabited eight homes. Each space was so different; each had its own character. In fact, I have a shelf-full of curtains yet to be reused—the combination of number of windows per room/size of these windows/what furniture is being used has been hard to replicate.

But the home we live in now is the very first home we purchased. We have been lucky to return to the DC area three times, and have experienced the miracle of all of our children attending the same elementary school, albeit only for a couple of years at a time. We love our home. It’s cozy, and we’ve remodeled every part of it. The disadvantage is that we’ve since outgrown it. We purchased this home when we only had two children, and now, with four, I’ve had to be creative in where I work. But no fear, I wrote and edited at least three books in this home. I am one grateful individual for the inspiration it’s given me.

One of my work spaces is my much-loved hutch. This was our first antique piece, bought in Germany in 1998. Both my husband and I were lieutenants at the time and strapped for cash but knowing I was home sick, he gifted me with this first piece of “real” furniture. And it just so happens that it’s the perfect height for when I need to stretch my legs but have a deadline to make.

Next is this corner of our L-shaped leather couch. We purchased this behemoth so we can all watch television together. While the rest of the family stretches out, I can settle in and put my feet up on the ottoman.

My third work space is my fantastic Amish kitchen table. Purchased and made in PA using reclaimed lumber, it easily seats 8, and a cozy 10. It is so sturdy I wouldn’t hesitate to dive under it during an earthquake. It already has the deep scratches and marks of a rambunctious family. The bench seating on the other side is the perfect height so I can edit my novels while in the middle of the hubbub of our family.

And finally, my desk. It faces out through windows onto the foliage of our neighborhood trees. In the winter, it’s a beautiful white landscape. I promise that the desktop is never this empty. I actually just moved the piles of paper off for the picture. 

One day, when we have our “forever home,” I will have an office. It’s going to have a beautiful view. There will be pictures of my book covers on the wall, and plants that I won’t be able to kill. But I wonder if I really need it.

I think I’m doing quite alright.

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