Last week the Tall Poppy Writers launched Bloom, a Facebook group bringing readers and writers together. Today, Amy Impellizzeri gives us the story behind Bloom.

A few months ago I shared a Philadelphia hotel room with Ann Garvin for the weekend and we barely slept at all. “I only have you for 2 days – We have so much to do!” I kept insisting.

Ann had come into town at my invitation to speak at the Regional Conference of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association– a group I headed up as President in 2016. After the conference on Saturday, we traveled over the river to New Jersey for River Reads – a nearby Book Festival planned by fellow Tall Poppy Writer, Brandi Granett, and featuring some 40+ authors in an event that boasted wine tastings, delicious food, readings, and fundraising for the local library. We met up with some wonderful writer friends, including other fellow Tall Poppy Writers, to discuss new releases, works in progress, and upcoming book-ish events.

Every minute not spent connecting with fellow writers and readers that jam-packed weekend, was spent lamenting how we wished we could have that level of connection all the time.

It was that weekend – maybe even at 1 am! – in the middle of giggling and wine toasts and pajama-clad brainstorming sessions that Ann and I first started the real planning stages of what has become Bloom, an exclusive Facebook group for Readers of Tall Poppy Writers. Bloom is focused on giveaways, perks, insider access, and building an interactive community to help us continue our ongoing philanthropy efforts for The Girl Effect, literacy and empowerment programs for girls and women, and so much more!

A few weeks after our weekend-long slumber party, Ann and I presented the idea to the other Tall Poppy Writers at PoppyCon – our annual meeting held in NYC or Chicago where the Poppies gather (sometimes Skyping in as well!) to share energy, writing inspiration, and fundraising efforts. Our idea was immediately embraced, given a name, and developed into reality. We launched Bloom on January 14; within 2 days we exceeded 2,000 engaged members and early buzz has confirmed our belief that we have created something fresh and original.

Bloom is more than a Facebook group. It’s a conversation among readers and writers. We will share book information, new releases, and the latest Tall Poppy books, but so much more. We will get to know each other, and together create a community that seeks to raise up girls and women.

We will have fun, and laugh, and be silly and nostalgic. Sometimes all at once.

We will step away from our computers and phones and plan live Bloom! Events as well.

Together, we will remember what reading and books and even social media was meant to do at one time – provide that level of connection all the time.

Please join us at Bloom! (And tell a friend too 🙂 )


Amy Impellizeri is a reformed corporate litigator, former start-up executive, and award-winning author. Amy’s first novel, Lemongrass Hope (Wyatt-MacKenzie 2014) , was a 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Bronze Winner (Romance) and a National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist. A favorite with bloggers and book clubs, Lemongrass Hope was named the #1 reviewed book in 2014 by blogger, The Literary Connoisseur, and topped several bloggers’ “Best of” Lists in 2015. Amy is also the author of the non-fiction book, Lawyer Interrupted (ABA Publishing 2015).

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