BLOOM with Tall Poppy Writers is happening now, with this week’s Tall Poppy host Ella Joy Olsen.

BLOOM is an exclusive Facebook group for readers of Tall Poppy books. The Tall Poppy Writers created BLOOM to interact with our readers and get to know them as readers get to know us. The Tall Poppy Writers are heavily invested in relationships and wanted a chance to communicate with readers who know us and new readers whom we hope to meet. Every week a Tall Poppy Writer will “Take Over” the Bloom page, and readers will get a view into their personality. We have regular weekly features, including giveaways, and others, such as Blooming & Giving and Flyleaf Friday. Come join us in Bloom to learn more: On special days, Bloom with have celebrity guest authors. Read more about our celebrity guests.

Here’s a little bit about this week’s host, Ella:

Ella Joy Olsen was born, raised and currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, a charming town tucked at the base of the massive Rocky Mountains. Most at home in the world of the written word, Ella spent nearly a decade on the Board of Directors for the Salt Lake City Public Library System (and four decades browsing the stacks). She is the mom of three kids ranging from just-barely-teen to just-flown-the-nest-teen, the mama of two dogs, and the wife of one patient husband.

Though she’s crazy about words, Ella is also practical so she graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Finance. After years spent waxing on about facts and figures, Ella gave up her corner cubicle and started writing fiction. Interestingly enough, Ella now teaches a course on writing historical fiction at her alma mater. She has also lived in Seattle, Washington & Savannah, Georgia.

She is the author of ROOT, PETAL,THORN (August 2016/Kensington) and WHERE THE SWEET BIRD SINGS (September 2017/Kensington).