Bloom with Tall Poppy Writers is happening now, with this week’s Tall Poppy host Marin Thomas. Marin has an exciting week planned that will give you a sneak peek into her life, her love of travel, and her writing. Oh, and some really fun giveaways too!

If you haven’t read Marin’s latest release, The Future She Left Behind, maybe these review snippets will convince you to pick up a copy…

“These are the types of book that help us to refocus. They are reads that helps us realize the good in the world, that there is room for second chances and fresh starts. A wonderfully heartwarming and sweet story sprinkled with humor and love.”

 I loved her quirky characters (even the mother-in-law) and the humorous, yet realistic situations they find themselves in. I cannot recommend this read enough for women’s fiction fans or for a fabulous book club discussion. 

 The characters were sassy and smart and funny as hell.”

 “This novel is filled with laugh out loud humor, and true to life characters.”

 “The characters were beautifully written—you loved them, hated them, wanted to roll your eyes at them, and so much more!”

About Marin

Marin got her start in the publishing world in 2004 writing series romance for Harlequin Books. Since then she’s published over 40 romance titles. The past two years she’s broken into women’s fiction with THE PROMISE OF FORGIVENESS and THE FUTURE SHE LEFT BEHIND, which released this past September. Whether it’s romance or women’s fiction, Marin loves to write about family relationships and themes like redemption, forgiveness and second chances. She’s known for her small-town settings and strong characters, and she’ll tell you that it’s her goal to leave the reader feeling hopeful and with a smile on their face at the end of her books.