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Meet a Poppy: Cathy Lamb

Five Things About Me: 1. When I was young my family camped every summer in a small tent trailer. Six people, all crammed in. When someone flipped over at night the whole thing shook like there was an earthquake. One time we went on an epic camping trip for six weeks....

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A Peek into the Writing Cave of Heather Webb

I've been a fan of Heather Webb's for years, so of course I wanted to know where she writes. 🙂 Since I began writing, I’ve dreamed of a she-shed that looks like this gorgeous little fairy house in someone’s back yard, where I can hole up and write, undisturbed....

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Meet a Poppy: Sadeqa Johnson

Something that I was afraid to do but did anyway was move ... My husband and I were in between houses. We sold the house that all three of of our children were born into, and were living in a rental home while trying to figure out the next steps for our family. We had...

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