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Are You in Bloom with Orly Konig?

This week's Bloom host is Orly Konig. Orly has a fun week planned, including discussions about favorite things and not so favorite things, what we do to take care of ourselves and what we know we should do and don’t. She’ll also have a special guest popping in for an...

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BookTrib Review: Not That I Could Tell

This week on BookTrib, Kate Moretti reviews Not That I Could Tell by Jessica Strawser. From the BookTrib review: “Not That I Could Tell is the perfect end of summer, beginning of fall read. Grab a glass of wine, curl up next to a fire and get lost for a few hours.”...

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Meet a Poppy: Emily Carpenter

FIVE THINGS you don't know about me: 1. When I used to work as an actress in Atlanta in the 90s, I was the regular stand-in for all the blonde guest stars on an old TV show, "In the Heat of the Night" - and you can still see me in a few rare - but INCREDIBLY EXCITING...

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BookTrib Review: Little Black Lies

This week on BookTrib, Ann Garvin reviews Little Black Lies by Sandra Block. From the BookTrib review: “And more than a psychological thriller, in some ways, Little Black Lies is a neurological thriller – with memory as a main character.” Click here to read the full...

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BookTrib Review: The Glass Wives

This week on BookTrib, Nicole Baart reviews The Glass Wives by Amy Sue Nathan. From the BookTrib review: “A cast of funny, tender friends round out this gorgeous book, and women of all ages will be able to find themselves on the pages of The Glass Wives.” Click here...

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