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Meet a Poppy: Lisa Barr

Four truths and one lie ... 1. I went undercover and broke a porn ring in high school 2. I was in prison and my nickname was "Butterfly" 3. I interviewed Madonna 4. Donald Trump saved my job 5. I went undercover for three months in Afghanistan Which one do you think...

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BookTrib Review: Vintage

This week on BookTrib, Weina Dai Randel reviews Vintage by Susan Gloss. From the BookTrib review: “Like the valuable vintage collection featured in the novel, Vintage is glamorous, sophisticated, heartwarming, and enduring.” Click here to read the full...

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Meet a Poppy: Ann Garvin

4 random things about Me I made wool felt applique pillows with embroidery thread and pinking sheers during a crafty stage that really, can’t be explained. I wanted to run a marathon because marathoners are amazing. Instead I ran triathlons because when you run as...

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BookTrib Review: Carousel Beach

This week on BookTrib, Susan Bishop Crispell reviews Carousel Beach by Orly Konig. From the BookTrib review: “Both honest and heart-wrenching, Carousel Beach delves into the debilitating—and fluctuating—nature of grief...this is a book you won’t want to put down.”...

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A Peek into the Writing Cave of Kate Moretti

You guys ready to see where Kate Moretti does her magic?  -- Orly In May of 2015, I officially transitioned my day job. I didn’t exactly “quit” per se, but rather reduced my schedule and my responsibilities to make room for writing, and of course, my family. My girls...

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Meet a Poppy: Kathryn Craft

FIVE THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME If you read my novel based on true events, THE FAR END OF HAPPY, or if you saw my funny dance video on Bloom, you may think you know me—but there’s oh-so-much more to Kathryn Craft! 1. I once shook hands with the most successful...

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Are You in Bloom with Kathryn Craft?

This week on Bloom, Kathryn Craft is super excited to introduce you to two writers whose recent novels she loved: Maryann McFadden (THE CEMETERY KEEPER’S WIFE) will join us for a lunch chat at 1 pm ET on Wednesday, and Falguni Kothari (MY LAST LOVE STORY) will join us...

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