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#PreFridayReads: Circe by Madeline Miller

Recommendation by Tall Poppy Weina Dai Randel Even since I read The Song of Achilles, I was spellbound by Miller's luminous prose and classic lore and awaited Miller's next book with bated breath. Circe is an ultimate treat, a grand mesmerizing adventure of a daughter...

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A Peek into the Writing Cave of Nicole Baart

A look into the amazing space of Tall Poppy, Nicole Baart ... Over five years ago my husband and I sold our six bedroom, five bathroom house and moved into a little rancher less than half the size of our dream home. We wanted to simplify, to downsize, and the three...

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A Peek into the Writing Cave of Amy Sue Nathan

Once upon a time, my writing spaces were glorious. When I wrote my third novel I sat on a chaise overlooking my expansive green grass backyard and a seasonally decorated patio. When I edited that novel, I sat at a designated desk in my son’s-bedroom-turned-office and...

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Meet a Poppy: Kimberly Brock

Two truths and a lie! I fabricated a ghost story in elementary school that scared all the kids on the playground, including my best friend, who wouldn’t sleep in her own bed for weeks. I had an extensive spinal fusion (T2-L3) performed when I was sixteen that ended my...

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Meet a Poppy: Kate Moretti

This past weekend I did my first keynote speech! I spoke at Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference to around 350 people. I sometimes doubt that my story is, by itself, inspiring. I became a writer while on maternity leave and was able to publish with little...

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