A Group for Tall Poppy Readers

BLOOM is an exclusive Facebook group for readers of Tall Poppy books.

The Tall Poppy Writers created BLOOM to interact with our readers and get to know them as readers get to know us. The Tall Poppy Writers are heavily invested in relationships and wanted a chance to communicate with readers who know us and new readers whom we hope to meet.

Every week a Tall Poppy Writer hosts the Bloom page. During this “Take Over” the host shares insights about their writing life, quirks and hobbies, book recommendations, perhaps even recipes, so that you can get to know us. Just as importantly,  we ask you to tell us about yourselves so that you can get to know each other as members and book lovers.

On special days, celebrity guest authors join Bloom to chat with readers about … well, anything and everything!

Bloom has other weekly features including giveaways, contests, Blooming & Giving and Flyleaf Friday. Come join us in Bloom to learn more!