Pictured here: A Book Club Trifecta! I’ve been to this fabulous Wyomissing, Pennsylvania-based Book Club 3 times – for all three of my novels! I might keep writing books JUST to keep getting invited back. Wink.

I started my own Book Club about 7 years ago when

I moved to a new town and was desperate to meet people. Since my first novel was published in 2014, I’ve visited (live and via FaceTime) nearly 100 Book Clubs across the country and I know these three things for sure:

First, Book Clubs are where all the good stuff gets discussed. Second, no two Book Clubs are alike. Third, we all want a peek at what everyone else is doing.

Here at Book Club Hacks, I share Secrets and Shortcuts I’ve stolen (with permission, of course!) from my favorite Book Clubs (and those I’ve met through my Tall Poppy Sisters, as well).

This week I’m spilling a fabulous secret:

How to get an author to visit your book club!

1. Set up a Skype account. Most authors I know absolutely love to cram in as many book clubs as they can, but they often can’t make the trip live and in person. Many of us Skype into (or FaceTime) Book Clubs across the country and love to do so because we can put lip gloss on, but still keep our pajama bottoms on. #kiddingnotkidding

2.Create a theme. Authors love creativity. Years ago, I invited author, Sarah Pekkanen, to Skype into my own book club, which was so much fun, especially since we had a “The Best of Us” themed book club complete with island food and dress code.

(Pictured below: Sarah Pekkanen “visiting” my Book Club In 2013.)

(P.S. One of the many reasons I love the new partnership between The Tall Poppy Writers and Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Books & Bottles is that it does the work FOR you! Each box comes with curated wines, recipes, and playlists – it’s a book club theme in a box!)

3. Invite a crowd. Sometimes it’s hard for an author to get away (or even quiet her house long enough for a Facetime session!) in any given week. Consider joining forces with a few book clubs in town and schedule a joint session centered around a new release. Set the date well in advance so the author can plan ahead and meet with all of you at once!

4. Ask. Most authors I know (and yes, I’m talking about Tall Poppies!) love a chance to chat books with readers. While our schedules are as crazy as yours, we are flattered and thrilled when you select our books for your book clubs. Contact an author through her website when you have a Book Club date on the books, and we will do our best to crash the party!