Pictured here: the fabulous “Bookies With Class” sent to me by reader, Donna S. in Dublin, Ohio. (To have your Book Club featured here, drop me a line at amy@amyimpellizzeri.com)

I started my own Book Club about 7 years ago when I moved to a new town and was desperate to meet people. Since my first novel was published in 2014, I’ve visited (live and via FaceTime) dozens of Book Clubs across the country and I know these three things for sure:

First, Book Clubs are where all the good stuff gets discussed. Second, no two Book Clubs are alike. Third, we all want a peek at what everyone else is doing.

Here at Book Club Hacks, I share Secrets and Shortcuts I’ve stolen (with permission, of course!) from my favorite Book Clubs (and those I’ve met through my Tall Poppy Sisters, as well).

This week I asked: “Got any great gift ideas for your Book Club hostess?”

My Book Club friends and I came up with four of our favorite go-to gifts. But I’d love to hear yours!

1.       Candles – Of course there are lots of lovely candle companies out there – but my personal favorite is Book Scents Candles, a mom-owned company that pairs welcoming scents with your favorite books. There is even a Bloom candle that smells divine (the scent of sunlit poppies, peach blossoms, warm sugar, and the crackle of a new book). Best of all, a portion of all Bloom candle proceeds goes to support girl’s literacy programs at the Tall Poppy Writers charity partner: Room to Read.

2.       Book-ish Clothing – for a cause. I love Out of Print’s unique designs. From socks to shirts to these adorable Composition Book leggings, there is something for every Book Club hostess. And you can shop guilt-free, as every purchase helps to support literacy programs and community libraries.

3.       Wine – Bring along a bottle of red or white (or both!) for your hostess. And consider a special pairing that matches the tone of the book club selection (light and citrusy? Dark and layered?) By the way – the Tall Poppy Writers have recently collaborated with Francis Ford Coppola Winery for a special #booksandbottles offering of curated fiction, wine, playlists, recipes and more! Check out bit.ly/booksandbottles for more information and order the perfect book club hostess gift!

4.       Totally unique goodies – For a special no-one-else-will-bring-the-same-gift, you can’t go wrong with an ETSY purchase. Recently, I ordered some special book-inspired pillows from AndersAttic. If you have a favorite ETSY shop – I’d love to hear about it!



P.S. Next time, I share my favorite tips on how to get a word in edgewise – you won’t believe one of the ways a favorite Book Club of mine minimizes interruptions!