Tall Poppy Bookstore FAQs

If you have questions about your order status or shipping, please email: aeriosupport@ingramcontent.com. There’s more information in the FAQs below.
For other questions, please read these FAQs first. Then if you don’t see what you need here email TallPoppyBookstore@gmail.com. We’ll do our best to respond quickly!

General Questions

Why no e-books? Why only hardcover and paperbacks?

We love ebooks too, but alas, we are limited to this distributor partnership right now, with connections to our many imprints & publishers. But in the future? Anything’s possible with the Poppies!

What about my neighborhood bookstore. Should I still go to them?

Of course! We’re always here if you need a quick Poppy fix, but please support your local indie with their awesome selection and great events!

What is Room to Read?

Room to Read is an organization trying to improve the world – one girl at a time – by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Around the globe, they promote education in girls, allowing them to seek more opportunities in life. Read more about it here! https://www.roomtoread.org

Can I submit my book for the bookstore?

Sadly, no. But when your book comes out, we will be cheering from the sidelines!

Why are there only books by women?

Because girls rule. And, because part of our mission as Tall Poppy Writers is to raise women’s voices in literature. But boys and men should feel welcome to join Bloom!

Any plans to open a bricks & mortar bookstore someday?

Only if Tom Hanks comes and works there with Meg Ryan! But seriously, when it comes to the Poppies, you just never know what we will do . . .

Questions About Using the Bookstore

I have questions about my book order.

All inquiries about orders or shipping or the status of a placed order should be directed to aeriosupport@ingramcontent.com.
Since all order and shipment confirmation emails are sent to you from aeriosupport@ingramcontent.com, the easiest way to do this is a ‘reply to’ emailed receipts and messages. They will communicate with you directly. 

There's a list of Books below the Collections. What's the difference?

We’ve grouped books by each author into a Collection for your convenience. All the Books listed are also included in their respective Collections.

How can I add more than one book at a time to my shopping cart?

There is a simple way to do this: the payment page opens up a new browser tab, so just close that tab. Then you can go back to browsing the Tall Poppy Bookstore from the previous tab. This does not affect your shopping cart.

Oops. I seem to have landed in a different Tall Poppy Bookstore?

Not a problem! You’ve probably clicked your way to the Bookstore hosted by the service we use. It’s the same Bookstore we link to from the Tall Poppy website. You can continue browsing and shopping there (your shopping cart is not affected) or close the browser tab if you prefer to browse from the Tall Poppy website.