The new year is upon us, and many bibliophiles are setting their 2017 reading goals. We’ve compiled a list of the upcoming Tall Poppy Books coming out this year to help you select books to keep you busy the whole year through. Publishing is a tricky business, so more books may be added and release dates might shift, but keep an eye out for these wonderful titles as you stock your shelves with all those bookshop gift cards you got over the holidays!


Catch up on all the 2016 titles you missed!



7-Laguna Dreams, Kaira Rouda



Read some titles to meet your Tall Poppy Reading Challenge goals!



11- White Sand, Blue Sea, Anita Hughes

18- The Secret Room, Sandra Block

25- Slightly South of Simple, Kristy Woodson Harvey



2- All the Best People, Sonja Yoerg

2- The Distance Home, Orly Konig

16- The Simplicity of Cider, Amy E. Reichert

30- In This Moment, Karma Brown

30- The Phantom’s Apprentice, Heather Webb



Take a vacation and bring your favorite books!



1- Emerald Coast, Anita Hughes

31- Where the Sweet Bird Sings, Ella Joy Olsen



1-No Place I’d Rather Be, Cathy Lamb

26-Blackbird Season, Kate Moretti

The Fifth of July, Kelly Simmons

Best Day Ever, Kaira Rouda

The Future She Left Behind, Marin Thomas



3- Dreaming in Chocolate, Susan Bishop Crispell

15- Last Christmas in Paris, Heather Webb

Christmas in London, Anita Hughes



1- All We Ever Wanted, Nicole Baart

21- Left To Chance, Amy Sue Nathan

Daughters of the Night Sky, Aimie K. Runyan



The Truth About Thea, Amy Impellizzeri



Don’t forget to pass on your favorite Poppy titles to loved ones over the Holiday Season!