Lucky to have actress, Lucy Lee Flippin (Eliza Jane Wilder of Little House on the Prairie), and her partner, author Bruce Feld, come to a recent Book Club to discuss The Truth About Thea. I’d love to feature your Book Club here. Send pictures to

Happy 2018!

A new year means a whole new year of Book Clubs. I already have a full calendar of Book Clubs scheduled through the Spring, which is my FAVORITE thing about this whole writing gig.

I started my own Book Club about 7 years ago when I moved to a new town and was desperate to meet people. Since my first novel was published in 2014, I’ve visited (live and via FaceTime) nearly 100 Book Clubs across the country and I know these three things for sure:

First, Book Clubs are where all the good stuff gets discussed. Second, no two Book Clubs are alike. Third, we all want a peek at what everyone else is doing.

Here at Book Club Hacks, I share Secrets and Shortcuts I’ve stolen (with permission, of course!) from my favorite Book Clubs (and those I’ve met through my Tall Poppy Sisters, as well).

This week I’m sharing a fabulous hack: “Diversify your Book Club.”

I find many book clubs have grown out of neighborhood block parties, carpools, school play groups, and bridge clubs. You and 5-10 of your closest friends all have lots in common; you like to read the same books and drink the same wine – so it only makes sense to start a Book Club as an extension of your already amazing relationship.

How about if you rock the boat a little bit and invite in outliers?

One of my favorite Book Club experiences was with a local Book Club that hand-picked its members specifically for diversity purposes. Yes, the originals included twin sisters, best friends and neighbors. But they had also expanded to invite new hires at their place of business, acquaintances, and cousins of neighbors. The goal was to create a Book Club with various ages, professions, lifestyles, and perspectives represented. The result was a robust discussion with heated debate, disagreements, empathy, and fabulous insights.

In fact, this particular Book Club had been so successful at diversifying, they had a wait list. (“Our 20 and 30-something demographic is full right now; we’re focusing on adding more 70+ members.)

Consider ways you might diversity your own Book Club. I’d love to hear about the results!