About the Tall Poppies …

The Tall Poppies are truly a unique force in the publishing industry. We are the only cross-genre, cross-publisher women’s author collective in the world. Our goal is to connect with women, help women, and yeah, talk about books (and sometimes flowers. And chocolate.)

Our social media reach and engagement strength is unparalleled, and cuts across all our channels. We are marketing pioneers, offering our readers content, partnerships, discounts, and opportunities no other reader groups can replicate. It’s no wonder we’ve won marketing awards and the respect of publishers across the board.

Author Ann Garvin founded the Tall Poppy Writers with a simple vision: to unite female authors with female readers.  She took the name from an ancient Roman legend about cutting down the brightest, tallest flowers – and then turned it on its head. The Tall Poppies believe in letting everyone grow and seek the sun. That’s why you’ll find our team forging generous relationships with other female author and reader groups – we believe there’s plenty of joy to go around.

Our interactive group, Bloom, provides a salon-style experience with original content, contests, and giveaways, celebrity guest authors and much more. Follow us on Twitter at @TallPoppyWriters. Or Instagram at @tallpoppywriters. Join the Tall Poppy Book Club on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tallpoppywriters.  We hope you’ll connect with us there and experience the unique Tall Poppy vibe.

Media Contacts

Founder and CEO Ann Garvin; General Manager and Director of Social Media Stephanie Burns