Ann Garvin, author of ON MAGGIE’S WATCH and THE DOG YEAR and founder of the Tall Poppy Writers, shares some tips on how to support the books you love. Her third novel, I LIKE YOU JUST FINE WHEN YOU’RE NOT AROUND, comes out in June 2016. 

Garvin I Like You Fine Cover

Everything is falling apart in psychologist, Tig Monahan’s life. Her mother’s dementia is wearing her out, her boyfriend takes off for Hawaii without her, and her sister inexplicably disappears leaving her newborn behind. 

When a therapy session goes horribly wrong, Tig finds herself unemployed and part of the sandwich generation trying to take care of everyone and failing miserably. Just when she thinks she can redefine herself on the radio, as an arbiter of fairness, she discovers a family secret that nobody saw coming.

It will take everything plus a sense of humor to see her way clear to a better life, but none of that will happen if she can’t let go of her past.


Ann shares some ways you can support authors and books you love. 


*Pick Two*

  1. Talk about the books you love. Not just the big famous ones.
  2. Leave a review on Amazon or or Goodreads or all of the above.
  3. “Like” the book on Amazon, or “Like” the author’s Facebook Fan page, then invite your friends to “Like” because authors need people that don’t know them.
  4. Spread news of the book through your social media channels.
  5. Buy books. Pre-order is best before the book comes out.
  6. Buy books as gifts.
  7. Carry the book around so people can see it.
  8. Reserve a copy at the library.
  9. Attend the book release party (if there is one) and bring a warm body or two.
  10. Request books at bookstores.
  11. Turn books face out at bookstores.
  12. Alert the media (if you know any).

Share this page. Go ahead, you know you love books, talk about them so you can keep reading.

Garvin Ann PortraitAnn Garvin is an author, speaker and educator. As professor of health, stress management, research methods and media literacy at University of Wisconsin Whitewater, she has worked extensively in psychometrics, statistics and psychology. Ann is the author of the novels On Maggie’s Watch (Berkley 2010) and The Dog Year (Berkley Penguin, 2014). She also holds an adjunct teaching position in the Masters of Fine Arts program at Southern New Hampshire University, allowing her to marry her love of people, story and writing and to help others to do the same.