While I’m practical and productive on the outside, on the inside, I’m looking for good stuff hiding in plain sight (most of the time).

For example, I try to remember that in addition to my children (they’re a given) I really became a dog-lover because of my ex-husband. If there’s a friend who is annoying, or who challenges my patience (and isn’t there always one?) I see how that offers me the chance to be tolerant, or to find humor where someone else might not, or even to speak up, depending on the circumstances. I live in an apartment that gets very little natural light, which bothers me (is it 11am or 11pm, you tell me, because it looks the same), but the apartment has no steps, which is perfect for my 13-year-old dog who has trouble walking, so I won’t move away. If current events are too intense, I remember the news will be there when I come back, and I escape into an audio book or a Hallmark movie, because I can. Lucky me! When it comes to the often-frustrating world of book publishing, I try to remember that while my circle is filled with published authors friends, we’re really a very small percentage of writers who want, and work hard, to be published. No matter how hard it gets, I’m grateful.

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