4 random things about Me

  • I made wool felt applique pillows with embroidery thread and pinking sheers during a crafty stage that really, can’t be explained.
  • I wanted to run a marathon because marathoners are amazing. Instead I ran triathlons because when you run as slowly as I run people don’t make as much fun of you if you’ve already swam and biked really far.
  • I can’t just eat one piece of candy ever. I MEAN EVER!
  • I was in a Hollywood Video commercial where I played a cashier and I said, “Have you seen Dances with Wolves?”

2 truths and a lie

  • I went to college for creative writing.
  • I took a class in college called Group Dynamics and thought it was a waste of time.
  • My Nursing professor told me that she was afraid when I got out into the world of work that I would kill my patients.

My dog keeps me grounded because just when I think I’ve got a scene figured out he interrupts me and wants me to let him out. My kids do the same thing with texting.

I was terrified to send my newest novel to my agent.

When I read certain writers who were able to make me laugh and cry (Elizabeth Berg, Elizabeth Strout and Lorrie Moore) I felt like I was being heard. Like, maybe I could use language like they did and do to tell a story. I was inspired in a way nothing else has ever inspired me.

I only have one ritual. I wake up, drink coffee and start writing.

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