Six random things about me:

1. I am what can charitably be called “petite,” but I once met another writer at a conference who did a double-take and said, “Your head looked so big in your online photos that I thought you would be taller.” (Apparently I do not have a petite face.)

2. My husband was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and we’ve been visiting regularly since we started dating; now we spend several weeks a year there with our kids. (I also set my second novel, Life and Other Near-Death Experiences, in Puerto Rico.) The stretch of beach in San Juan near my mother-in-law’s house is quite possibly my favorite place in the whole world.

3. I grew up in a “Ford family”—my father and paternal grandfather both worked for Ford Motor Company and everyone in our family owns Ford cars—but my first car was a copper-colored 72 Volkswagen Beetle. You could hear it coming from a mile away and the heat didn’t really work—but man, was that ever a great car.

4. I have two sisters: Laurel is 10 months younger than me, and Janette is 10 years younger. I’m super close to both of them, and after more than a decade of living in different places, all three of us now live in Michigan with our kids.

5. I won a young authors contest in fourth grade for a book I’d written about a spider. Even then, I knew I wanted to be a novelist!

6. When I’m not writing fiction, I’m a journalist specializing in health; you might have seen my articles in Forbes, O: The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Time, or WebMD. I love it—no two days are the same and I’m constantly learning new things about health and wellness.

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