Five Things About Me:

1. When I was young my family camped every summer in a small tent trailer. Six people, all crammed in. When someone flipped over at night the whole thing shook like there was an earthquake. One time we went on an epic camping trip for six weeks. I mean, who does that? Crazy, right? Oh, it was. We camped all up and down California and Oregon. We brought our two naughty dogs with us, too. One of the dogs tried to bite people, the other dog tried to bite dogs. I’m sure we were very popular wherever we camped. Still, we adored those terrors. I felt like a giant worm sleeping in a sleeping bag as a kid and I still feel that way now, but those memories of worm-sleeping with my late parents and sisters and brother in a rickety trailer are absolutely precious.

2.  I call my husband Innocent Husband in all blog and Facebook posts. Why? Because he is not responsible for any outrageous things I say or write. We call our children: Rebel Dancing Daughter, Adventurous Singing Daughter, and Darling Laughing Son. We adore those kids. Call us more, you little darlings! Come home more! I’ll bake you cookies…

3.  I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was sixteen. I wrote a humorous article in the school paper about kids making out in the hallways of our high school. I saw people laughing when they read it, and that was that! It was full steam ahead for writing except…

4.  …I had a lot rejections from pub houses/agents before I sold my first book Julia’s Chocolates in 2005. If you want to read about Breast Power Psychic Night or Your Hormones and You Taking Cover Taking Charge Psychic Night. Pick that one up.

5.  My next book, my twelfth, out October 30, is titled, The Man She Married. A short and sweet summary? Natalie Shelton is in a coma. That’s not her only problem.

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