Five Mildly Interesting Things About Me.

1. I have perfected the art of procrastination via gardening. I currently, in the midst of gardening season here in Oregon, would rather haul a huge amount of rock and dirt than write. I have become somewhat obsessive about checking on my sunflowers, butterfly bushes, Jupiter’s Beard, snapdragons and lilies. You fellow garden addicts will understand.

2. Every day I say to my very naughty cat, “It’s time for Garden Walk, Little Kitty!” and he follows me as I check on my bushes and trees and flowers. He runs in and out as I talk to him and mutter to myself about all the things I need to get done. I am sure my neighbors think I’m an odd cat woman. They may be right.

3. I call my husband “Innocent Husband” in all the blogs I write as he is not to ever be held responsible for the wild/odd/offensive things I sometimes say. I call my kids Adventurous Singing Daughter, Darling Laughing Son, and Rebel Dancing Daughter. Let’s just say their names fit their personalities.

4. I started golfing last year because Innocent Husband insisted with a sweet smile. On one golf course, which was particularly mean and deliberately difficult, I found myself pounding my golf club into the ground and swearing. It was at that moment I realized I had utterly, embarrassingly, LOST MY FREAKIN’ MIND. I slunk away hoping no one had filmed me and uploaded it to You Tube. I still golf. (Badly.)

5. My smart, wonderful late mother was an English teacher. She took her four kids to the library all the time. When she handed me the Chronicles of Narnia, it was the start of a lifelong love of reading. I still want to find a magic wardrobe. Contact me if you find one. I’m all in for Narnia.

Happy reading to all.

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