5 Things About Me:

1) I’m a former military brat so I’ve lived all over the place. This is probably why I’m such an avid traveler as an adult!

2) I try to figure out clues about a person based on what they order at a restaurant or what they buy in their grocery cart. I’m a foodie and a writer so this is super fun for me. You’d be surprised what I can ascertain.

3) I like to blast opera while I clean house, or listen to a juicy audiobook.

4) Fall is the best season because I love a good moody sky, crisp wind, and apple picking in my beloved New England.

5) I love high school kids. They make me laugh and they’re so very sweet, if angsty which is also part of their charm. I miss teaching sometimes.

(Editor’s note: Today is the launch day for Heather’s latest masterpiece – The Phantom’s Apprentice. You can find out more about this amazing book here.)

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