5 Things About Me That Aren’t in My Author Bio:

(1) I play tennis. All the time. I curse the rain, I get very angry at ice and snow, and I’ve never encountered weather too cold to play in so long as it isn’t precipitating.

(2) I work full-time. (This might seem to conflict with #1. Hahahaha.) Fortunately I work full-time as a writer, which means I get to decide, usually, when and where I’m working. I probably work too much. That’s why #1 is really, really important.

(3) I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Chapel Hill is a town full of college students, basketball fans, professors, and people who jog.

(4) I have two small sons. They are age six and eight, and they’re amazing, of course. Also, we homeschool. (Yesssss, I know, #1 and #2 now seem completely bonkers.)

(5) I have a psychiatric disability (i.e., a mental illness). And I’ve written all about it.

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