Five things that you’ll always find in a Kelly Harms novel:

1. Wish fulfillment. Kelly’s characters are always getting what they wished for. And then because Kelly is evil, they are quickly made to regret it.

2. Dreamy settings. Kelly won’t set a book anywhere she won’t set herself.

3. A guy who gets it. Kelly’s stories so far mainly concern the experiences of women. But she likes to throw in some male characters who don’t have to spend three hundred pages learning how to treat women. Gropers and mopers, find yourself another book to star in.

4. An idiotic, boneheaded move that seems like an excellent idea at the time. Like, you know, stealing a U-Haul in your underwear. Kelly knows too much about these firsthand.

5. Friends you can count on. Because Kelly writes what she knows.

6. Brunch. You know why.

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