5 Facts about Kerstin

1. Her family moved from Minneapolis to a small town when she was ten years old. One of the first friends she made at her new school was a sweet boy who had beautiful, big brown eyes. Sixteen years later, she married that boy, and now they have three children with beautiful, big brown eyes.

2. In high school, Kerstin swam on the synchronized swim team… which means she can still do “cool” tricks in the pool and knows how to waterproof her hair with Jell-O.

3. During her junior year of college, Kerstin studied English Literature at Oxford University and joined the school’s competitive wine tasting team… she never missed a practice.

4. A highlight in her public relations career was working personally with President Nelson Mandela when he visited the U.S. in 2000.

5. FAMILY TREES is Kerstin’s first novel. Writing the book was a personal goal and she intended to print out only a few copies for her family. Kerstin’s cousin, who is an accomplished YA author, encouraged her to participate in writing groups and conferences… which ultimately led to meeting a supportive agent and, later, a publishing offer (& she’s still pinching herself!)

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