5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. Before I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Education (with degrees in English, Spanish, and ESL), I cycled through three different majors: Pre-Veterinary, Political Science, and Journalism. I sincerely wish I could live multiple lives to focus on all of the things that interest me!
  2. I love puzzles. I find them so relaxing. It’s endlessly satisfying to me to make all the pieces fit. I have a feeling a counselor would have a heyday psycho-analyzing me… But I think it’s pretty simple: my life is chaotic so I’ll take order wherever I can find it!
  3. My superpower is the ability to fall asleep almost instantly. Pretty sure my husband resents me for this gift!
  4. I have serious wanderlust. Home is where my heart is, but the rest of me loves to travel. I’ve been to Africa many times, all over Canada, Spain, Honduras, Hawaii, Mexico… But there are so many more places I long to see! My husband and I love to hike, sightsee, and adventure. We have grand plans to see the world—once our five children are out of the house. 😉
  5. I would take street tacos over a fancy, expensive meal any day of the week. My tastes are pretty simple—and usually Mexican themed. Guacamole, carnitas, margaritas, oh my!

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