5 Random Things About me

1) I love my curly hair. Always have. Well, except the times when my mom tried to brush the tangles out. Although apparently I don’t sound like someone with curly hair. Several years ago I was working with a design agency that wasn’t local. After seven months of working together with weekly (sometimes daily) phone calls, I finally had the opportunity to meet the account manager. The receptionist called to tell me she arrived and when I went to the lobby, my guest announced that I couldn’t possibly be Orly because Orly doesn’t have curly hair because that’s not how she pictured me. The entire 4-hour meeting, she kept staring at me suspiciously.

2) Two words: goat cheese. My husband teases that I’ll put goat cheese on anything.

3) I’m a massive space junkie. Love everything space related. And lucky me, I had the pleasure of working in the industry for about 16 years. I got to attend satellite launches from Cape Canaveral and Kourou, French Guiana. Apollo 13 is one of my favorite movies and, despite having seen it umpteenth times, I still get stressed. And totally fan girled when Ken Mattingly joined the company I worked for.

4) I crochet when I need busy-hand-clear-head time. I’ve made more scarves than anyone will ever need (or want), hats, blankets. And cute little animals that I use as giveaways for my books.

5) I used to love rollercoasters. One year during a tradesheow in Vegas, a friend and I went to every rollercoaster on the strip – up one side, down the other; man what a thrill. Then I got pregnant and now I can’t even look at a rollercoaster without wanting to die from motion sickness. Even car rides make me queasy if I’m not driving.

There’s a page on my website with various 5 things about me lists in case you want to see more of my craziness. 🙂

Come see on Bloom this week. One of those crochet animals I mentioned will be co-hosting a game.

More about Orly on her bio page.