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45 talented female authors. NY Times, USA Today, and international bestsellers. National Book Award Finalists. Target and Costco Book Club Picks and much more.


We represent a diversity of genres and styles. Literary fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, memoir, romance, women’s fiction, YA, screenplays, and who knows what’s next. The day is young!

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We hang out, have fun, do good.


We do this on BLOOM, our large, fast-growing private Facebook group, and through our social media channels and exclusive newsletter. We showcase great books, create original content, host giveaways and more.



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Partnerships with large international brands offer cool products and discounts to our audiences. And a commitment to charitable giving means when we do well, we do a whole lot of good.

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Recent Blogs

A Peek into the Writing Cave of Amy Sue Nathan

Once upon a time, my writing spaces were glorious. When I wrote my third novel I sat on a chaise overlooking my expansive green grass backyard and a seasonally decorated patio. When I edited that novel, I sat at a designated desk in my son’s-bedroom-turned-office and...

Meet a Poppy: Kimberly Brock

Two truths and a lie! I fabricated a ghost story in elementary school that scared all the kids on the playground, including my best friend, who wouldn’t sleep in her own bed for weeks. I had an extensive spinal fusion (T2-L3) performed when I was sixteen that ended my...

Meet a Poppy: Kate Moretti

This past weekend I did my first keynote speech! I spoke at Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference to around 350 people. I sometimes doubt that my story is, by itself, inspiring. I became a writer while on maternity leave and was able to publish with little...

#PreFridayReads: Lake Success by Gary Shteyngart

Recommended by Sally Koslow Some novels you want to race through simply to see what’s going to happen next. Lake Success, by the incomparable Gary Shteyngart, is so sharply written that despite its rollicking, road-trip plot, I urge you to read s-l-o-w-l-y so you...