Tall Poppy Partnerships


Charitable Partner: Room to Read

Our mission is to celebrate and support all female writers and readers. To date, the Tall Poppy Writers have raised over $100,000 for literacy and other causes, and now we’re focusing our efforts on Room to Read.

Room to Read is the leading non-profit focusing on literacy and gender equality in education in developing nations, investing in nearly 1,000,000 children per year.

The funds raised by the Tall Poppy Writers through sales of our beautiful BLOOM candles by BookScents (and other BLOOM products on our Zazzle store) are targeted toward Room to Read’s innovative girls’ education programs. Just $300 can keep a girl in school for a YEAR! Together we can #ChangeTheirStory.

This is what you become part of when you join our BLOOM reading community at areyouinbloom.com.

Bedside Reading

Bedside Reading places award-winning and bestselling books in exclusive hotels. Bedside Reading presents an Authors Weekend in the Hamptons—featuring the Tall Poppy Writers. Read more about it.

Book Scents Candles

An exclusive brand new BLOOM candle is now available through Book Scents Candles. Created especially with our readers in mind—it smells divine and is the perfect gift for your book club hostess, your kids’ new teacher, the new person at work who spends their lunch hour reading and YOU. Visit the Book Scents store to see the BLOOM Candle.

This candle is a special collaboration between Book Scents Candles and the Tall Poppy Writers. Best of all, proceeds go to our ROOM TO READ campaign as part of our mission to support literacy programs for women and girls.


Imagine a place full of book news and book reviews and inside book scoop, where it’s always book o’clock? That’s BookTrib.com.

We’re proud to partner with this great showcase where readers meet writers—from the famous to the fledgling. It’s all there for you!

A Mighty Blaze

We are proud to team up with A Mighty Blaze — a movement founded by Authors Caroline Leavitt and Jenna Blum to raise up authors whose book events and tours have been cancelled during the coronavirus global pandemic and similarly to raise up struggling indie bookstores during this challenging time. Check out their Facebook page for virtual events, pub day roundups and more. Click here for a fabulous Publishers Weekly shout out to A Mighty Blaze and their literary partners.

Francis Ford Coppola

​Books and wine have so much in common.   So many are light and fleeting. Not really very memorable. Quickly forgotten. Leaving you wanting more.  

And then there are the great ones… the ones you linger over, can relive when you close your eyes.  The ones you tell your friends about. The ones that are so very special. They create perfect moments and perfect memories.  Books and wine. The perfect pairing.  So take care with your selection of each.  And we can certainly help with both. Our authors can provide you with no shortage of great books. And the selection of wines at Francis Ford Coppola will have the right thing to take a great book to the next level.