by Tall Poppy Aimie K. Runyan

Dylan Michaels is a driven obstetrician, focused on establishing her career and making a name for herself in medicine. Her longtime boyfriend Cooper, also a doctor, wants nothing more than to settle down and be a family with the woman he loves. When he pops the question, rather than accepting enthusiastically, Dylan asks for time to consider the offer. This sets into motion a whole series of events that challenges Dylan in more ways than she might have imagined. She’s forced to ask herself what she truly wants from her future, and how she can free herself from the burden of past loss.

Perfectly Undone by Jamie Raintree was one of the hot books of fall, and rightly so. There is always something alluring about a debut novel, especially one that’s getting lot of early buzz. We all expect publishing to scream about the big names that are sure sellers, but it’s quite another for a debut to garner wide attention. When a new author comes on the scene who has a publishing house excited, it’s always interesting to see what has them paying attention.

In the case of Perfectly Undone, I think there are a lot of factors that grabbed the editors’ attention, and are sure to pull in the readers as well. First of all, Raintree’s prose is sparkling and fresh without being so inventive that it obstructs the connection between the reader and the story. We also have a gritty, real relationship between the main characters that doesn’t rely on trope or stereotypes. What really clenched the read for me was the main character herself. She’s unapologetically ambitious, intelligent, and not afraid to be her own person. I highly recommend this heartfelt relationship drama to anyone who enjoys well-crafted women’s ficton!

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About Aimie:

Aimie K. Runyan writes to celebrate history’s unsung heroines. She has written three historical novels, including the internationally bestselling Daughters of the Night Sky and Promised to the Crown. She is active as an educator and speaker in the writing community and beyond. She lives in Colorado with her wonderful husband and two (usually) adorable children. To learn more about Aimie, please visit