Tall Poppies Bookstore

Give the world an “attagirl!”

When you buy a paperback or hardcover from The Tall Poppies’ new online independent bookstore, you’re helping women and girls all over the world. Because a percentage of our profits go to our charity partner Room to Read, which advocates for girls’ literacy. And you’re helping provide content that elevates the voices of all female authors. On behalf of 51% of the population, we thank you! 

Reading is awesome. And special offers are fun!

Please continue to count on your local bookstores for their amazing selection, guidance and events. And ebook lovers, we see you over there! We hope you keep on keeping on from your favorite source on your favorite device. Any way you read—it’s good for you and good for authors!  For special discounts in our bookstore and other benefits, be sure to join Bloom, our exclusive book slumber party.