Tall Poppy Writers Lab

Writing & Publishing Workshops with the Tall Poppy Writers

What is the Tall Poppy Writers Lab?

Connect. Learn. Write. Publish.
Come learn the basic foundation for building your novel or memoir from the ground up. Whether you have been percolating an idea, you have a novel in progress, or you are ready to start the path to publishing, we can help.

  • Does your premise work? Do you have a hook?
  • How important are those opening pages and are yours strong enough?
  • How do plot and character intertwine?
  • How do you find an agent? Does my query work?
Women writers helping women writers. It’s how we do.
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Upcoming Workshops

Here are upcoming workshops led by and featuring Tall Poppy Writers, located in dazzling locales where you can learn to be your best writerly self. Click the links to learn more.


A Writer’s Life Retreat

Dream it, Do it!