By Tall Poppy Kelly Simmons

Sometimes you discover wine at a vineyard. Sometimes at a party. Sometimes it comes in the mail as a gift, if you live in a lucky state. And sometimes, if you live in a lucky city in a lucky state, it’s delivered by a young Secret Santa Sommelier dressed as a UPS driver, a man so handsome you stammer and stutter as you sign your name.

In case you want to move here? Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

The weather is not great but the view is spectacular. Plus, wine.

If you want to enter a fascinating world of wine in 2018 – if this is one of your resolutions and let’s face it, it’s a good one — there’s a great book to spur you on.

Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker. Enter a truly fascinating world of characters and tastes as one woman who knows nothing – actually less than nothing—about wine, aims to become an expert. Treat yourself to this book in the new year. Because not everyone can have wine delivered by a God, just some of us.